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Improving Lab Efficiency

CSols help  laboratories using PerkinElmer Instruments, LIMS and CDS systems produce quality results quicker and more economically with consistent turnaround times to both internal and external customers alike and to meet the requirements of accreditation bodies such as UKAS, NELAC, EU, FDA, ISO17025, GxP, GCLP, ISO, CPA.and others.

PerkinElmer Elan & NexION ICP-MS instrument drivers

CSols have recently upgraded the Links for LIMS Perkin Elmer Elan/NexION ICP-MS driver with changes that improve useability and access to result data. The first change was to fully embrace the Version 3 layout of the Elan sample loading file (.sam).  The enhanced driver now passes additional information to the sam file to fill in fields that had to be manually edited and so reduces the amount of manual entry at the instrument before a run can be started. Combined with predefined templates to position samples, QCs and blanks in the run, the driver now further reduces analyst adminstration time and transcription errors.

The other change revolves around result reporting. The new driver can now read a instrument result file exported using the ‘Comprehensive’ output format. As this report contains much more detailed information it opens up access to a wider range of variables allowing the Links for LIMS report review to conduct more complex calculations and quality checks to support the analyst during day to day running.

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CSols Links for LIMS - Instrument Interfacing and Systems Integration

Links for LIMS and AqcTools

We have used both our Links for LIMS and AqcTools software for a variety of  laboratory instruments  including GC, GC custom, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC/UHPLC, Elan, NexION, Optima, TotalChrom, Labworks and other instruments / software.
Recently we have seen an increasing interest in linking  LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS and GC-MS instruments to LIMS or LIS systems especially in Hospital/Clinical, Water/ Environmental and Analytical Services Laboratories. This is due to the improved running costs, flexibility and capability of this technique compared to other methods.

Systems range from single user to those running with a bi-directional interface to LIMS / central servers and supporting 100's of users across multiple departments. Systems operate 24 hours a day and can routinely process millions of samples per year. Links for LIMS is in routine use with many PerkinElmer customers.


CSols AqcTools™ is software for monitoring and improving analytical instrument performance and statistical analysis and charting of quality control samples. This leads to improved monitoring of instrument and analytical performance and hence correct intervention to ensure the highest sample result quality and regulatory compliance at all times.
AqcTools was co-developed with South West Water and they use a client server based implementation of AqcTools with their LIMS system and a range of automated and manual processes. Users are able to run statistical analysis and charting of all analytes at networked workstations as well as directly from CSols Links for LIMS instrument integration software.

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CSols Remote Sampler
Are you or your customers collecting planned or ad hoc samples and performing field based measurements? CSols Remote Sampler™ is a handheld based, PDA / Tablet PC ruggedized system that incorporates a barcode or RFID reader and on board software to guide samplers to the right location for accurate and verifiable sample collection and labelling.
Remote Sampler Systems have been deployed at Intertek, South East Water, Northern Ireland Water and at Northumbrian Water and are all connected to LIMS Systems.
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Laboratory Sample and Asset Tracking Solutions

CSols expertise extends into the field of Radio Frequency Identification / RFID labelling for laboratories. Although this technology has been around for many years, barcode based labelling is still the main technology used in laboratories. RFID has a number of advantages which could provide major time and efficiency savings.

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CSols lab integration software reduces costs, turnaround time and transcription errors at Chemtest

Chemtest is a leading supplier of high quality, fast
response analytical services where customer focus and
continuous investment in personnel, processes and
technology are at the forefront of their business strategy.
Chemtest’s laboratories are housed in modern, purposebuilt
and secure accommodation in Newmarket. CSols has provided a number of software products and implementation services for Chemtest's modern laboratories. These have had a significant effect upon Chemtest’s activities, improving automation and hence reducing costs, average turnaround times and transcription errors.
Furthermore a reduction in paper transcription errors plus easily accessible audits of result processing using CSols software have helped Chemtest maintain their ISO/IEC 17025 and
MCERTS accreditation and to successfully pass a number
of audits. Click here to read more
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